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McAfee SECURE sites help keep you safe from identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, spam, viruses and online scams
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Why does your website need to be secure?

Web site security breach!

Commercial websites are under a constant threat of attack by hackers. Forrester Research has stated that the overall cost of a serious security breach can be more than $300 per compromised record, considering the adverse effect on brand image, diminished customer confidence, reduced employee productivity, call centre costs, legal fees, etc. This is not taking lost revenue into account.


Web site security breach!

A study by PayPal revealed that 21% of on-line shoppers have abandoned their purchase transactions because they were worried about the security of the website.


Web site security breach!

A survey conducted in 2009 found that website security concerns deprived retailers of $21 billion of on-line sales.


Web site security breach!

The results of research by Harris Interactive showed that 63% of shoppers will not purchase anything from a website that does not display a trustmark, even if they would be getting a bargain.

How does your website benefit from McAfee SECURE? 

Web site security benefit!

The daily McAfee SECURE website security scans and tests help you to avoid security breaches and to reduce both visitor and employee anxiety by ensuring that your website and network infrastructure is as secure from vulnerabilities as possible.


Web site security benefit!

McAfee SECURE website security certification enables your website to compete not just on price alone, but shows visitors that their shopping experience is the most secure when compared to what your competitors have to offer.


Web site security benefit!

The McAfee SECURE website security service frees you to devote your attention to running and growing your business.


Web site security benefit!

Your website is specially highlighted in search results for tens of millions
of surfers who use McAfee SiteAdvisor, a free plug-in that adds safety
ratings to websites' listings, to help protect consumers from spyware,
spam, viruses, phishing and other exploitation. The famous McAfee
SECURE trustmark reassures worried shoppers, and encourages them to
click the "Buy Now" button!


High website security standards


McAfee SECURE scanners test clients' websites every day for vulnerabilities,
malicious content and links that expose consumers' computers and personal
information to misuse and exploitation. The McAfee SECURE website security
service helps to protect both your business and your visitors from hackers,
spyware, phishing, spammers, adware, browser abuse and on-line scams.



McAfee SECURE pedigree


• Powered by the world's largest dedicated security company.

• More protection for you and your customers than any other certification.

• Automatic listing in the McAfee Certified Merchant Directory.

• Listing in the McAfee Secure Shopping mall, advertising your products.

• McAfee certifies the security of more than 80,000 websites world-wide.

• Includes McAfee SECURE PCI Compliance Certification Service.


Take advantage of McAfee SECURE today!

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